About Us

The Pultrusion Industry Council (PIC) is a subgroup of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) focused on the Pultrusion Industry. The bylaws of the PIC define the “Pultrusion Industry” as including:

  • Those firms manufacturing products using the pultrusion process
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of products used in the pultrusion process
  • Designers or suppliers of pultrusion products
  • End users of pultrusion products
  • Consultants to the pultrusion industry

The mission of the Pultrusion Industry Council is to promote the healthy growth of the pultrusion industry through:

  • Cooperatively representing the industry before government and code bodies
  • Promoting the use of pultruded products over traditional materials
  • Supporting the development of meaningful design standards
  • Compiling and communicating relevant technical, statistical, and other data
  • Cooperatively addressing other issues that may, from time to time, be an opportunity for, or a threat to, the industry